Ultra-fast WordPress website with managed hosting

VWS Cloud powers fast-loading WordPress websites with performance, service and digital marketing solutions. We help growth-seeking businesses to take advantage of technologies now, to boost efficiency, improve brand image, reach, inspire and convert customers.

Load fast, Reach More

Fast and optimised WordPress websites can significantly improve your business bottom line. 
If you want a solid digital foundation to boost your online presence, you have found the right expert.

Lightning Fast Performance

In the digital world, no one likes waiting around. VWS Cloud optimises the server environment and tech stack specifically for WordPress sites.

Combined with our unique optimisation services, we can guarantee a world-class loading performance, delivering a lightning-fast online experience for you and your customers.

Top Class Hosting

Kiwi customers can enjoy the ultra-fast connection speed to our New Zealand-based server. Our data centre features state-of-the-art hardware that can offer plenty of horsepower for speed and scale.

For international businesses, we also provide a range of content delivery networks (CDN) options for delivering faster website content for overseas visitors.

WordPress Expert

Our team has extensive knowledge working with the widely popular WordPress CMS platform, which is about 43% of all websites on the internet in 2022. Focusing on the platform means excellent value for development speed, cost and performance.

We regularly review and select the most suitable technology stacks for WordPress and beyond so our clients can take advantage of the latest technology today.

Build for Digital Marketing Performance

Access visitor analytical and reporting tools as part of our website performance package. Google Analytics is installed on every website we manage by default. Data-driven marketing is an intelligent way to drive your promotional campaigns.

Having a solid digital foundation means we can help our customers gather key data and smartly deploy multi-channel marketing strategies. We offer advanced SEO and marketing services for growth-minded clients.

Advance Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services can be added at any stage to enable top ranking performance.

WebCare Service Plan

We offer a range of fully managed services for all our hosted WordPress websites. Those essential services enable us to maintain security and performance. You can focus on running the business and let us take care of the technical side of managing a website.

Software Updates

-Core WordPress Updates
-Plugin Updates
-Pre-update backups

Backups & Recovery

-Dual Backup System
-Local Server Backup
-Cloud Storage Backup
-Disaster Recovery

Performance Optimization 

-Image Optimization
-WordPress Optimization
-Assets Optimization
-Caching Optimization
-Mobile Audits

Security & Monitoring

-Up-Time Monitoring
-Web Health Monitoring
-Performance Monitoring
-SSL Certificate